Universidad Pública de Navarra names Ramón Cuadrado Roura Doctor Honoris Causa

Juan Ramón Cuadrado Roura, Director of the Doctoral Programme in Legal and Economic Sciences at Camilo Jose Cela University, has been distinguished with the appointment of Doctor Honoris Causa from the Universidad Pública de Navarra (UPNA).

In its proposed appointment of Cuadrado Roura as Doctor Honoris Causa, the UPNA Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences has highlighted his “outstanding professional career”, his role as a teacher of other university professors and his transmission of knowledge and “values and much needed attitudes in academia such as hard work, honesty, perfectionism, camaraderie, rigour in teaching and research work, intellectual curiosity and an attitude of lifelong learning”.

In addition, he was noted for his pioneering role over four decades in areas such as the regional economy, the creation of the University Institute for Economic and Social Research at the University of Alcalá, his empirical work within the field of input- output analysis or the studies he has carried out on the European Union at the Jean Monnet Chair he was appointed to by the European Commission. The professor’s contributions to projects “enjoy national and international recognition beyond any doubt and their intellectual leadership is well-recognised”, according to the proposal, which also highlighted their “wish for Spanish economists be valued and recognised in the international arena.”

Apart from the academic and professional merits of the new Doctor Honoris Causa, the letter of appointment by the UPNA underlines his “unflagging willingness to help and collaborate”, in addition to his “friendliness and affection.” “We have always found in Juan Ramón an advisor permanently willing to contribute to the development and academic progress of the teaching staff who have come to him for help, opinion or advice,” the text concludes.

Fellow of the Regional Science Association International

Precisely for his dedication to the field of Regional Science, two months ago Professor Cuadrado Roura was made Fellow of the International Regional Science Association (RSAI), international organisation that brings together the most outstanding academics in the field of Regional Science in the world.

The RSAI distinguishes the main authors for their contributions to this scientific field, from Economics, Geography or Spatial Analysis. This recognition has previously been awarded to teachers of the stature of Paul Krugman, Anthony Venables, Masashita Fujita, Luc Anselin or Vernon Henderson, among others.

Professor Cuadrado Roura has stood out not only for his scientific contributions, but also as a pioneer of Regional Science studies in Spain (promoting and internationalising the Spanish Association for Regional Science), and also on a European scale, being President of the European Regional Science Association between 1995 and 2000.

He has also pioneered analysis of the service sector, its expansion and its growing interrelation with modern industry, as well as in the analysis of the problems faced by the European Union, as documented in some of his books, such as Regional Convergence in the European Union; Service Industries and Regions; Regional Policy, Economic Growth and Convergence. Lessons from the Spanish Case; Regional Problems and Policies in Latin America, and his manual Economic Policy: preparation, objectives and instruments.