UCJC, the top private Spanish university in Sports Sciences according to the Shanghai Ranking

Camilo José Cela University has been highlighted in the latest Shanghai Ranking, one of the most prestigious rankings worldwide, as the best Spanish private university in studies related to sports sciences. UCJC offers, specifically, the Degree in Sciences of Physical Activity and Sports, a degree for which the university has already been mentioned in another prestigious ranking, the QS Stars University Rating.

The Shanghai Ranking selects and classifies 429 universities from all over the world related to sports. Candidate universities appearing in this ranking are selected based on two criteria. The first being that it is a sports university or have degrees closely related to sports.

The second requires that faculty members actively participate in research and have published a certain number of articles on the Web of Science over the past five years. UCJC is one of the Spanish universities that carries out the most research activity, and several of its professors from the Degree in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences have been recognised with the First National Research Prize in Sports Medicine.

Camilo Jose Cela University’s Villafranca Campus spans an area of over 140,000 square meters devoted to sports, with a gym, heated swimming pool, sports centre, football pitch field, tennis and padel tennis courts and a horse-riding track. In addition, UCJC offers its students an Exercise Physiology and Sports Performance lab and a motor skills and biomechanics lab.