UCJC presents the Short Stories Awards for young people

Camilo José Cela University has celebrated the 11th Short Stories Award for young people. Organised by Camilo José Cela Chair of Hispanic Studies, the event was held in person in the Assembly Hall of the Villafranca Campus, and could be followed via streaming on (see the full event in this link).

The Rector of UCJC, Emilio Lora-Tamayo, chaired the event together with Adolfo Sotelo Vázquez, Director of the Camilo José Cela Chair. “One more year, following the inspiration of the founder and first Rector of this University, Mr. Felipe Segovia, our objective is none other than to continue fostering humanistic education and facilitating the literary creation of SEK and UCJC students. And these awards are one of the best ways to ensure this” said the Rector in his welcome address.

This competition rewards the best short stories written in the Spanish language. In this edition, 246 stories have been submitted to the contest, with a great variety of literary themes and styles.

Rosa María González, Director of Extraordinary Chairs at UCJC, read out the list of winning entries:

In the category of Baccalaureate and Vocational Training students:

  • First prize:“Pero tú ya no estás” by Alejandro González Mañoso, from IES Laguna de Joaztel in Getafe, Madrid.
  • Second prize:“Los vecinos de arriba” by Andrea Villalba Molina, from I.ES. Alkala Nahar de Alcalá de Henares, Madrid.
  • Finalist:“Saltar para atrapar las estrellas” by Emily Méndez Pérez, from the Liceo Bolivariano Doctor Francisco Antonio Rísquez from La Asunción Nueva Esparta in Venezuela.

In the university and higher vocational training category:

  • First prize: “El amor de las moscas” by Julio Mármol Andrés from the University of Seville.
  • Second prize:“El vuelo”, by María Teresa Alvarado González, from the Complutense University of Madrid.
  • Finalist:“La construcción de la conciencia” by Alex González Duque, from the University of León.
  • Finalist:“Efemérides” by María Mármol Valera, from the Carlos III University of Madrid.

In the category of Latin American university students:

  • Overall award:“Relato de un cuento” by David Santiago Hernández Ardila, from the National University of Colombia.
  • Finalist:“El que no sirve para matar sirve para que lo maten” by Carmelo Urso Cedeño, from the National Open University of Venezuela.
  • Finalist:“Toto” by Jimena Alejandra Morán Bravo, from the Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Aguascalientes de México.
  • Finalist:“La ciudad deshabitada” by Leopoldo Francisco Orozco Morán, from the National Autonomous University of Mexico.
  • Finalist:“El último día” by Weimar Toro Ramírez, from the University of Antioquia in Colombia.

All the winning entries are published in the Anuario de Estudios Celianos and some of the winners in previous editions have subsequently published stories or even novels in literary magazines and commercial publishers, which is undoubtedly an important stimulus to continue generating and attracting literary vocations among our students.

Since the creation of these awards, UCJC has had the collaboration of the Camilo José Cela Galician Public Foundation, and Evaristo Lemos, the best private collector in Spain of the literary work of Camilo José Cela, also collaborates with Latin American universities.