MyUCJC, new digital learning space for teachers and students

Our university community will have access, from today, to the new MyUCJC digital learning ecosystem, containing all the applications and resources of the UCJC. The University has developed its own custom design, with the latest available advances that Microsoft offers.

The main advantage of this new space is that it allows students and teachers a better user experience, since they only have to access a single site, where they will find all the applications and services they need. Furthermore, most of these programs are accessed with Single Sign-On (SSO), that is, the user’s credentials are registered from the first moment and therefore, identification is fast and convenient.

Some of the applications to which students and teachers will have access are Blackboard, student portal, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365 Suite, 360 degree service portal, teaching assessment, marks website, signing of marks sheets, end of degree or master’s thesis management or practical management, among others.

The launch of this new UCJC digital space is just the initial phase of a project as it continues to evolve. Given its enormous development potential, it will allow the incorporation of more applications and services in the future, both for UCJC students and teachers.