UCJC fosters the use of carsharing among its community

University Camilo José Cela is committed to the carsharing movement and offers the possibility of making use of the services of two leading companies in this area: Wishilife and Hoop Carpool. It is a safe, comfortable and fast transport option to get to the Villafranca Campus that, in addition, contributes to the sustainability and healthy lifestyle that is so prominent in this environment, with over 100,000 m² of green areas, large classrooms and excellent sports facilities such as our Urban Campus that are perfectly equipped to receive you.

Hoop Carpool works with an application where trips are published, in which the user chooses the one that best suits their needs. All drivers are pre-vetted. This app has security measures adapted to Covid-19, such as the mandatory use of a mask and a disinfectant set for vehicles -the company itself is responsible for delivering these packs to the drivers of each vehicle.

On the other hand, UCJC has reached an agreement with Wishlife, a service with which an electric vehicle from the company is rented and paid per km travelled. The car can be left parked at the destination so that other users can use it later. Wishilife also gives the option of installing a charging centre at home, so the car can be taken home.

The UCJC offers these services to facilitate transportation and security to its university community, also taking into account the circumstances arising from Covid-19. These forms of travel also offer cleaner and more sustainable transportation, a fundamental value for UCJC.