The Rector on VT: “We seek to take advantage of our university environment of excellence”

The Rector of Camilo José Cela University, Emilio Lora-Tamayo, took part in the 5th Education Conference entitled ‘VT: near future’, which has organised the local newspaper Madridiario at the Real Casa de Correos at the Puerta del Sol. The Regional Minister of Education and Youth for Madrid, Enrique Ossorio, hosted the forum and underlined the commitment of the government of the region to this type of education.

“We seek to take advantage of our university environment of excellence”, affirmed Emilio Lora-Tamayo, representing the UCJC and its Higher Vocational and Professional Training courses.

The Rector underlined his aim to offer UCJC students an all-round education and to implement a new hybrid methodology, as well as students learning specific social, business and electronic skills outside their curriculum. New for this year is a practical, team entrepreneurship project, a “real project, which has not been made up by a professor, but is supervised by a company, a learning based on challenges”, he summarised.

Another of UCJC’s strengths is the rate of employment of its graduates, “over 90 percent”. To a large extent, he said “this is due to the eminently practical nature of VT, which goes double for Dual Vocational Training” for which Lora-Tamayo has called for greater implementation and “predisposition” of business.

With a very all-round and multidisciplinary programme, Emilio Lora-Tamayo unveiled that the UCJC is working to add new studies, and outlined its different VT degrees: one in Information and Communications Technologies (ICT), two in Business Administration and Management, three in the area of Commerce and Marketing, two in Physical Activities and Sports and another in Sociocultural Services.