UCJC students begin the 20-21 school year in person

Our students have started their classes today. After over six months away from classrooms, they have returned to University Camilo José Cela full of enthusiasm for resuming their classes in person. For some it is their first year and for others it means returning to university education, yes, with a different learning adapted to the new circumstances that the pandemic imposes on society.

The goal is for all students to attend the university in person. After tremendous organisational effort, UCJC has managed to physically gather all its students on its campus, with a new adapted timetable and using the Hyflex model that, through the installation of 360 degree cameras and interactive screens allows teachers to teach classes in a classroom and, at the same time, the rest of the students to follow the class and pose questions from and other spaces within the Campus. This new way of teaching and learning also contemplates scenarios in which students cannot attend the campus in person, so that students can access the UCJC platform and follow the classes live.

Over 200 subjects have been adapted to the new learning model, 800 classes recorded on an interactive platform in order to implement the flipped classroom methodology. In total, 25 percent of the practical classes, syllabi and workshops have been virtualised.