University Camilo José Cela constitutes the Advisory Council for Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation

University Camilo José Cela has set up the Advisory Council for Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation, an advisory body to improve and promote academic and research activities related to the Bachelor’s Degree in Entrepreneurship and Business Management and the Master’s Degree in Entrepreneurship for Social Impact.

Led by Nieves Segovia, President of SEK Education Group – to which the UCJC belongs – the council is made up of experts and entities from the entrepreneurial ecosystem and social innovation, who will collaborate with the University management team to ensure students are offered first-class training, in addition to participating in the development of complementary training to that acquired in the degree, will propose lines of research, promote the holding of conferences and seminars, congresses, promote the signing of agreements and promote the creation of scholarships and grants.

The members of this Advisory Council on Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation are Fernando Herrero Acebes, General Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship of the Madrid City Council; Álvaro Retortillo, Corporate Director of Business Development and Innovation at the Santa María La Real Foundation; Arturo García, Country Sustainability Manager at Ikea Spain; Íñigo Peña Medrano, CEO of Tetuan Valley; Ilaina Rabbat, founder of Amani Institute; Maite Fibla, Ship2B; Manuel Heredia, founder and CEO of BeSoccer; Mercedes Valcarcel, CEO Generation Spain; Pablo Santaeufemia, founder of Bridge for Billions; Salvador Medina, Co-founder of Valhalla and Simón Menéndez, Ashoka Spain.

“The constitution of the Advisory Council for Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation is a strategic step for UCJC. We will have professionals and leading organisations in the sector to help to prepare a very specific type of students: people who leverage what they know and who they are to generate positive impacts on society. We are committed to offering this training not only on the Master’s and Bachelor’s Degree in Entrepreneurship, but also in a transversal way right across SEK”, said David Martín, Director of Entrepreneurship at University Camilo José Cela.

University Camilo José Cela integrates into its curriculum subjects, projects and methodologies that promote the development of professional and personal skills related to communication, resilience, collaboration or overcoming challenges. That is, skills and attitudes that are generally attributed to entrepreneurs.

On the other hand, UCJC Lab is the incubator for ideas and projects to promote entrepreneurship at University Camilo José Cela.