World Gastronomy Institute organises with the UCJC Ferrán Adrià Chair the first global report on international gastronomy

World Gastronomy Institute (WGI) presented the first global report on gastronomy at the University Camilo José Cela Almagro building as an interdisciplinary activity. This book is features relevant academic and research materials, with dozens of articles by renowned experts who analyse the world situation in the sector before Covid-19.

 The WGI Global Report 2020 – A Gastronomic Planet is a documentary work written by dozens of gastronomy experts from all corners of the world, composing a global vision of the sector. The book offers essential clues about food and its relationship with people. The content reflects different cultural and technical aspects, from disciplines as diverse and complementary as anthropology, tourism, technology, heritage, marketing, education, hospitality or the culinary arts.

In the form of a world report, usually published by major international agencies and organisations, the World Gastronomy Institute (WGI) has published for the first time in history, with the collaboration of the Ferran Adrià Chair of Gastronomic Culture and Food Sciences  an academic and research book, dedicated to gastronomy. The primary objective was to record a specific moment for posterity, while at the same time offering entertaining reading for occasional readers. The report, under the subtitle “A Gastronomic Planet”, is the first volume of a trilogy that compiles articles on different gastronomic topics written before the appearance of COVID 19.

The international presentation in Madrid was co-organised with the Ferran Adrià UCJC Chair, which from the beginning offered its resources and facilities so that this prominent initiative had a suitable scope for its launch. A calendar of book presentations in different countries such as Italy, India, Chile, France, China and Japan is also being prepared.

The editorial team led by José Manuel Iglesias and Blanca Berrón includes a large group made up of a hundred collaborators such as Luis Tesón, Chandra Shamser, Sidney Cheung, Gaspar Ros, Gabriel Leonart, Frédéric Duhart, Begoña Sieyra, Juan José Burgos, Jocelyne Napoli, Fiorella Dallaril, Lluis Petit, Ragnar Fridriksson, Roy D. Palmer, Knud-Erik Larsen, Robbie Postma and Javier Lores. Our thanks to all of them. The work has included the invaluable contribution from leaders of international organisations such as Rafael Ansón from the ´Académie Internationale de la Gastronomie`; Thomas Gugler from Worldchefs or Edouard Cointreau from Gourmand World Cookbook Awards, as well as the special collaboration of Rosa Mª González from the UCJC Ferran Adrià Chair and Gabriel Bartra from elBulifoundation or F. Xavier Medina of the UNESCO Chair on Food, Culture and Development UOC.

The WGI is already working on the second book that will deal with the influence of the coronavirus in the sector from an international perspective. The third volume will start being prepared when – we all hope that as soon as possible – the pandemic has passed, in order to explain to today’s readers and those of the future what it has been like before, during and after one of the greatest catastrophes of our time.