Matías Prats to Communications students: “Countries cannot be free without press freedom”

The journalist and and news anchor for the leading TV news programme, Antena 3 Noticias, gave an interview for SOMOS SEK the SEK Education Group magazine, in which he reminisced about his time at SEK when he arrived at the San Estanislao de Kostka school on Arturo Soria street in Madrid at the age of 16. Matías sent a message to the future professionals of the Degree in Communications saying that “it is more important than ever to keep informed through professional and credible media given the rumours and fake news that are so prevalent.”

He also had advice for students who wanted to dedicated themselves to Journalism and Communications? “Media and news professionals should first ask themselves if they have a vocation, if they are attracted to communications. Reporting always involves a high degree of commitment and responsibility. To all this we must add large doses of enthusiasm and an enormous curiosity to learn. To those who are decided that this is what they want to do I would say they should read everything that falls into their hands and to start working as soon as they can, get used to writing, talking, telling experiences to classmates, friends and family. And never forget to listen. In this profession it is very important to know how to listen.

You can see the full interview in  the online issue of Somos SEK or a printed copy available at UCJC and at the SEK Schools.