University Camilo José Cela begins the academic year with new degrees in entrepreneurship, creative advertising, exercise and health

University Camilo José Cela, once again, anticipates future trends by offering its students new degrees in some of the areas that will have the greatest demand for employment in the coming years. Specifically, UCJC launches this academic year two new degrees (Degree in Entrepreneurship and Business Management, and Degree in Creative Advertising) and two new master’s degrees (Master’s in Exercise and Nutrition for Health, and Master’s in Entrepreneurship with Social Impact).

Two of these degrees are based on one of the fields with the greatest proliferation of advances and job creation in recent years, which is entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs have, and will increasingly have, a determining leadership role in the future job market.

The Degree in Entrepreneurship and Business Management was created to promote entrepreneurship, creativity and business enterprise, encouraging and accelerating the development of an increasingly competitive and innovative economy. Students on this degree are not students but entrepreneurs, and practical work prevails over theory. They are not part of a class but of a team and a company, learning and developing skills and competencies. Lecturers are not just their teachers; they are also mentors.

The Master’s Entrepreneurship with Social Impact is based on the development of skills and the acquisition of knowledge for social innovation. As in the Degree in Entrepreneurship and Business Management, there are no teachers but mentors and facilitators, dedicated to ensuring the progress of each student throughout the course. Students will spend the course analysing real cases, learning first-hand from leading entrepreneurs, as well as social and professional companies that promote social innovation and corporate social responsibility. University Camilo José Cela is also a pioneer in Spain in the implementation of this master’s degree in university classrooms.

UCJC entrepreneurship students learn in environments that promote project development and innovation through launching and managing new businesses and teams. During their studies, students develop, incubate and accelerate their own startup, and present their project as a Master’s Thesis before a mixed panel of teachers, investors and successful entrepreneurs.

Practical qualifications with extensive job outlets

The Degree in Creative Advertising is an eminently practical degree, in which from the first year students will work on real cases in companies and agencies, and will attend workshops, seminars and masterclasses with professionals and creative directors of recognised prestige. Students will also complete their training with internships at the best agencies and companies. The collaboration agreement between University Camilo José Cela and The Atomic Garden Creative School will also offer the possibility of taking four specialised courses specially designed for each student: account executive, strategic planning and innovation, creativity in social media and advertising creativity.

During lockdown, many people realised the importance of sports and nutrition in caring for our health. The World Health Organization also considers physical activity and diet as two key aspects, among its global action strategies, to preserve and maintain optimal health. For this reason, University Camilo José Cela is offering the Master’s in Exercise and Nutrition for Health, which offers its students the acquisition of professional and research skills that will allow them to work in the future in the health field, through training based solely on scientific knowledge.

All University Camilo José Cela degrees offer a consolidated model based on innovation, internationality and interdisciplinarity, which promotes continuous learning, with cutting-edge teaching methods that see talent and entrepreneurial spirit as one of its most precious assets.