UCJC and CNN sign an online training agreement for Communications students

Students in year four of their degree in Communications will participate in a Virtual bootcamp organised by CNN. In the week-long training course, students will network with CNN professionals from across the globe in both Spanish and English.

Students will receive classes not only focused on journalism and audiovisual communications media, but also related to the search for new audiences and Social Media strategies.

“This online course is one of the alternatives that we have proposed as a virtual Study Abroad so that students can finish their studies in the best possible way. Being online, the training allows student to interact with CNN professionals from Atlanta, London or New York,” says Jorge Gallardo, Director of the Degree in Communications. In addition, he adds “that the relationship of the department with CNN is close because we already have students who have completed their professional internships with them at the Atlanta headquarters such as Claudia; and our idea is to expand these agreements with CNN in the future”. 

Communication students will also receive a complementary and online course at UCLA one of the most prestigious public universities in the world, entitled Digital Mix: Concentration in Advertising, Marketing, and PR ”.