The UCJC, prepared for an expanded learning experience for the coming academic year

University Camilo José Cela has a cutting-edge educational model with the highest quality standards and is ready for the coming academic year to start in September with more energy and projects adapted to the new reality that awaits us.

UCJC thus anticipates new circumstances and socio-labour trends, and has begun a transformation of its instructional design to generate a new teaching-learning model, which combines the most innovative teaching methodologies, enriching teacher-student interaction, with new technologies, and reinforcing the classroom teaching model with virtual elements that will allow the student to complete an all-round  and unique learning experience. The design also foresees a capacity for quick and flexible adaptation to new circumstances, imposed or advised by external regulations, which may appear in future scenarios.

In September 2020, that new UCJC teaching framework that will allow a real transformation in theoretical-practical teaching, to provide the best learning experience for our students.

A blended and flexible teaching model

To make this possible, academic resources, content, virtual tools and simulators, accessible from the teaching platforms of the UCJC, which will incorporate aspects such as Artificial Intelligence in academic activities, the digital or face-to-face gamification as a teaching methodology, and expanded education or self-learning that goes beyond the physical and temporal spaces of the university. In short, a blended and flexible model.

We want UCJC students to use the learning spaces and facilities on a regular basis, with times adapted to participate in classroom sessions, which are extended and complemented by virtual sessions and interactive resources, to achieve an expanded or increased learning experience, always accompanied by their teacher or a teaching assistant.