University Camilo José Cela and ECIJA open the Centre for Innovation in Law

University Camilo José Cela and the law firm ECIJA have signed an agreement for the creation of the Centre for Innovation in Law, a space for the development of knowledge and the most specialised and cutting-edge training in Technology and Digital Law, entrepreneurship and social commitment.

The UCJC-ECIJA Centre for Innovation in Law was conceived as a differentiated environment where the students from University Camilo José Cela will obtain the most specialised and cutting-edge training in this field.

Undergraduate and master’s students, such as those studying Law, will enjoy comprehensive legal and technological education, with which to tackle the challenges and legal risks posed by the increasingly rapid technological change, such as digitization, artificial intelligence, service automation or new social and businesses trends such as FinTech or Blockchain.

In addition, the Centre will give them the opportunity to complement their university education with work experience from the start of their studies, taking an active part in real projects with their classmates, university professors and law professionals.

All this will allow them to specialize, in an eminently practical way, in one of the areas of greatest potential and development in the field of law services, Technological and Digital Law, developing key skills in new production scenarios such as technological skills, entrepreneurship or social commitment.

One of the projects at UCJC-ECIJA Centre for Innovation in Law is the creation of an Observatory for Technological Development and Human Rights, which will foster new trends in law and technology and, especially, their impact on the exercise, configuration and limits of Human Rights.

According Emilio Lora-Tamayo, Rector of University Camilo José Cela, “the partnership with a leading firm such as ECIJA represents an opportunity for continuous improvement both for our undergraduate and graduate students and for the entire community of educators and academics, who will find in this centre for innovation spaces for the development of ideas, projects, and professional growth. At UCJC we are excited and committed to this project, which we trust will be a success for both parties.”

UCJC’s educational offering is structured around a dozen lines of action crosscut by three axes transversal: entrepreneurship, digitization and social commitment. In relation to the latter, it should be emphasised that Law, a field as old as society itself, is like a living organism that must adapt and respond as it evolves. This implies a conjunction of two of today’s main vectors for development, digitization by itself or applied to entrepreneurship, both axes of the university’s strategy. This makes this joint education and business initiative supremely relevant placing UCJC students at the forefront of professional practice in meeting the challenges posed by the future, although many of these future needs have not yet emerged. The Centre for Innovation in Law helps students to learn real-life cases, thanks to the partnership between the Écija Abogados law firm and University Camilo José Cela.

“We have seen how innovative technology brings with it constant and extremely rapid changes in all branches of law, which means that both students and jurists are constantly facing far-reaching challenges. In this context, the Centre for Innovation in Law aims to be a hub for future solutions“, explained Cristina Villasante, IP and IT manager at ECIJA.