‘El Español’ highlights online learning during lockdown at UCJC

“We are seeing that technology is giving us the opportunity to do things that would have never occurred to us and that we can now leverage in the future”, explained María Ángeles Fernández, Deputy Rector at University Camilo José Cela, for the online daily El Español.

The report published by the digital newspaper under the title “This is how online education has been revolutionised by Covid-19: years of work crammed in just two months” addressed the challenges that the field of education has faced and, particularly at University Camilo José Cela.

“The technology already existed, but this has forced us to accelerate its use, both as students and teachers,” said Joaquín Rodríguez, Corporate Director of Design, Innovation and Educational Technology at SEK Group.

University Camilo José Cela already had a technology platform to share information and work online with students, but Covid-19 has accelerated everything. And we will see how we can do things that do not seem possible online, like work placement.

The Deputy Rector of UCJC has added as an example that “in Physiotherapy we have had to be imaginative, we have added a more spoken explanations”, with the aim of evaluating whether students are learning all they need to learn. And how is that done? We ask Gracia Gallego, Professor of Anatomy and Osteopathy on the Physiotherapy Degree: “For example, we ask students to play the role of teachers, explaining the practice through an oral presentation or in writing”.