David Martín and Camila Polensvaig join the Entrepreneurship department of University Camilo José Cela

David Martín and Camila Polensvaig joined University Camilo José Cela as Director of Careers and Student Development and the Master’s Degree in Social Impact Entrepreneurship, and as Director of the Degree in Entrepreneurship and Business Management, respectively.

The new director of Careers and Student Development and of the Master’s in Social Impact Entrepreneurship at UCJC aims “to focus on the development of students’ skills and their personal development, and remembering the importance of teaching and services staff, as foundations for developing employability and our success in any aspect of life. As director of the master’s degree and contributing what I can to the overall strategy pursued by SEK in term of innovation and entrepreneurship, I aim to ensure a meaningful learning experience that emphasises social impact. Mobilising all the intelligence and energy of our students to build a better society”.

David Martin has worked primarily in education and entrepreneurship. He was head of Education at UNICEF Spain for six years, and at Amnesty International, where he promoted the university human rights groups in Spain. Subsequently, he founded Cibercorresponsales.org, and in recent years he has served as director of Ashoka Spain, leading international organisation in the social entrepreneurship sector, as well as global co-director of the “changemaking skills” strategy.

Graduate in Information Sciences, he holds master’s in Educational TV and “Media Literacy”, in addition to having taken various courses related to communication and education. He is an ICF certified coach and is currently studying Educational Psychology.  David has accompanied entrepreneurs around the world and has been a youth educator and mentor for over 20 years. He is part of the Advisory Council of Cuadernos de Pedagogía and of the Tomillo Foundation.

He has been given award such as the “Teacher Award in 2015” and Vocento “Genius in Innovation 2017”, among others. He is the author of the book ¿Por qué educamos? (LID, 2017).

Camila Polensvaig has been appointed head of the Degree in Entrepreneurship. Expert in this area since her participation in the startup accelerator Tetuan Valley she has organised over 30 entrepreneurship programmes in Spain and has worked with more than 400 startups. Furthermore, she has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs grow their ideas and prepare the following steps, funding, access to other acceleration programmes, or sales.  

Graduate in Advertising and Public Relations, she specialised in Marketing and Business Development at the ESIC Business School. In addition to startup programmes, Camila has designed and executed entrepreneurship programmes with companies, municipalities and universities, to bring startup methodologies closer to different entities, thus allowing university students, employees, academics and researchers to train in new methodologies.

The newly appointed director of the UCJC Degree in Entrepreneurship said that “educating in entrepreneurship ensures personal growth, in terms of people’s skills, ability to adapt and innovate. This degree is the perfect tool for tomorrow’s entrepreneurs, who will be immersed in innovative methodologies and will respond to the needs of the future”.