Carlota Corredera, at UCJC: “You learn the most in the really difficult situations”

The journalist and presenter Carlota Corredera gave a workshop for the students from the School of Communications and Humanities to explain how Telecinco’s Sálvame TV show has been reinvented to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic in Spain. Carlota said that behind successful programs there are always well qualified and prepared people and warned students that “it takes training to be good communicators and face crises like the one brought about by coronavirus.” 

Carlota Corredera, graduate in Journalism, talked about her successful professional career and the challenge of communicating about the coronavirus crisis. She started working at La Voz de Galicia and later made the leap to television directing programs on Antena 3 (‘Sabor a ti’) and then on Telecinco (‘TNT’, ‘Hormigas Blancas’ and ‘Sálvame’). In 2014, she was given the opportunity at Mediaset to get in front of the cameras and since then has become one of the best-known faces on the national TV (‘Cambiame’, ‘Las Campos’, ‘Sálvame’).

In this sense, Carlota said that she feels “lucky to be able to work in television” and that success is an ephemeral thing and that one must enjoy the present. But she gave a key piece of advice to students: “You shouldn’t disappoint people who give you opportunities.”

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