UCJC and CICAE hold a highly successful 4th Pre-University Debate League online

Due to the current lockdown the CICAE-UCJC Pre-University Debate League has adapted to the circumstances and has held its tournament online for the first time. The result has been a success in terms of participation and performance, both of students and teachers and moderators, who demonstrated their skills in debate and public speaking.

The main theme of this 4th Debate League was genetic manipulation. The participating teams had to offer different arguments, both for and against –according to the draw carried out before each round–, to answer the question Should all limitations on genetic manipulation be removed by governments?

Vincere Possumus, the SEK-Ciudalcampo team, was named best team in Spanish, after prevailing in a final in which they faced the SEK-Catalunya team.  The final in English was won by Los Bolivarianos, from Colegio Brains La Moraleja, against the team from Colegio Mirabal.

Individually, best speakers in Spanish were Guillem Cartanyà (SEK-Catalunya), Cristina Salvatier (Virgen de Europa) and Aina Dude (SEK-Catalunya), while best speakers in English were Álvaro Pineda (Mirabal), Mireia Montané (SEK-Catalunya), Ho Jun Ryu (British School of Gran Canaria) and Montse Kobeh (Brains La Moraleja).