University Camilo José Cela presents its new Degree in Entrepreneurship and Business Management at AULA

University Camilo Jose Cela (UCJC) is taking part in 2020 Education Week, where it is showcasing its educational model and degrees and vocational training academic offering. In addition, it is presenting  its new Degree in Entrepreneurship and Business Management, the Degree in Teaching and the Degree in Creative Advertising. On its 20th anniversary, UCJC is presenting itself as “The first university of the 21st century”, the slogan used for its launch in the year of its inauguration and that remains valid today.

UCJC will be showcasing its academic offering from Wednesday 4 to Sunday 8 March, at IFEMA Hall 12. This includes 18 bachelor’s degrees and 8 joint bachelor’s and its range of master’s degrees offered by its three schools, Education and Health, Technology and Science and Communications and Humanities. The International Doctoral School offers studies in Educational, Health and Legal and Economic Sciences.

The UCJC learning framework rests on three axes: innovation, internationality and interdisciplinarity, and promotes entrepreneurship, digital transformation and social commitment as the basis of its innovative The Hive (La Colmena) programme. This programme is taken simultaneously to undergraduate studies, and develops, in a flexible and transversal way, the skills necessary for the personal and professional success of each student.

New Degree in Entrepreneurship and Business Management

The new Degree in Entrepreneurship and Business Management offered by University Camilo José Cela was designed with the aim of training students to develop the essential skills and resources to face the complexities of planning, launching and managing a new business, focusing on creativity, innovation and social impact, risk planning, finance and growth management of a new business and its corresponding self-managed teams.

Over the course of their degree, students develop, incubate and accelerate their own startup through the UCJC SEKLab methodology, showcasing their project as end-of-degree project before a panel of teachers, investors and entrepreneurs.

Students on the Degree in Entrepreneurship and Business Management will go on a Study Abroad scheme in the USA and will be given the opportunity to study at prestigious universities around the world through Erasmus and / or bilateral agreements.

Virtual Tour 360 of the UCJC Campus and the Cervantes Saavedra

Visitors to the UCJC booth at AULA will be able to immerse themselves with a 360 virtual tour of the UCJC Villafranca campus with virtual reality goggles, and the Cervantes Saavedra sailboat, an unparalleled educational space on the sea.

Wrap-around interactive navigation makes it possible to explore campus spaces such as the labs, new learning environments, large outdoor and sports spaces, the library or international students’ halls of residence, as well as the UCJC Sports Club, a unique  concept in sports clubs, spanning over 40,000 m2 of sporting facilities.

Careers guidance and advice

A team of experts will be available to visitors to advise them on the most appropriate academic offer according to their personal preferences and interests.

Under the slogan “The first university of the 21st century” UCJC sums up its innovative learning methodology from its origins. University Camilo José Cela promotes a way of learning based on collaborative culture, cooperative work, the development of creativity, communication, critical thinking, visual thinking and social and communications skills. The main objective is to prepare you for your professional future and make you grow as a person and citizen, in addition to contributing to the improvement of your skills, highlighting your potential and favouring the acquisition of skills.