Miriam López, from the University of Alcalá, and Santiago de la Fuente, from the UNED, winners of the 18th UCJC Rector’s Cross-Country Run

The 18th UCJC Rector’s cross-country run – part of the Madrid University Cross-Country Circuit took place on 1 February. As in other years, the race was held at the Madrid-Villafranca Campus of the UCJC. Money raised at this year’s race –5 euros per participant– has been entirely donated to the NGO, Por la Sonrisa de un Niño España (PSE), a charity with which SEK Education Group regularly works with.

The over 180 runners who took part in the men’s and women’s events enjoyed a balmy temperature of between 16 and 20 degrees, weather conditions that made the course more bearable and that helped athletes attain very good race times.

The winner of the women’s race (4,120 metres) was Miriam López, from Universidad de Alcalá, who ran it in 18’23”, while the champion of the men’s race (8,160 metres) was Santiago de la Fuente, from the Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED), who ran a time of 30 ’25”. Before the main race, the Minicross was held, that this year consisted of three categories: for children from 7 to 8 years, 9 to 19 and 11 to 12.

The three best-ranked teams, both in the men’s and women’s categories, from the different participating universities also obtained their corresponding trophy. The day concluded with the presentation of prizes in the UCJC marquee, during which a snack was served.


The winners of each category were:

Minicross: 7-8 year olds

1st Isaac Manzanero Pérez

2nd María Quintana Rodríguez

3rd Gonzalo Torija Barbolla

Minicross: 9-10 year olds

1st Paula Barba Díaz

2nd Maña Añón Cantero

3rd Irene Puyol Marchamal

Minicross: 11-12 year olds

1st Adrián Vázquez Apilanez

2nd Sergio Moral Javier

3rd Santiago Luis Pérez

Individual Women’s

1st Lía María

2nd Eva Piñel

3rd Miriam López

Individual Men’s

1st Santiago de la Fuente

2nd Javier Rosado

3rd Rubén Ángel Fernández

Women’s Team

1st Universidad Rey Juan Carlos

2nd UNED

3rd Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

Men’s Team

1st Universidad Politécnica

2nd Universidad Complutense de Madrid

3rd Universidad Carlos III