The School of Communications and Humanities holds a conference to reflect on security on the Internet and social media

University Camilo José Cela, through its School of Communications and Humanities, has organised a conference to reflect on security in the use of the Internet and on the digital fingerprint left by users in the use of social media, tackling issues related to communications, law, professionals living in the digital environment and, above all, of an appropriate use of the tools provided by the online world.

Two round-table panel discussions with a host of experts including the journalist and writer Marta Robles, the lawyer and expert in data protection and e-commerce Javier González Espadas, the member of the National Police part of the State Secretariat for Security Nestor Ivan San Celestino, the journalist and criminologist Nacho Abad, manager of influencers and celebrities Ana Fernández Pardo and the journalist and influencer Javier de Hoyos tackled topics such as the boundaries between the right to information and privacy, fake news and the risks of fraud and cyberbullying. They also discussed opportunities offered by the Internet for influencers and native Internet businesses. Discussions were moderated by the UCJC professors Francisco Santamaría and José Pedro Marfil.

Students were also given the opportunity to learn and ask about the main risks that the experts outlined. Participants also commented on their recommendations when using social media “we should always pause to think before leaving a comment”, said Marta Robles, referring to the importance of the fingerprint and how people may change their opinion on issues over their lifetime.

The conference was organised as part of the events surrounding Safer Internet Day, which is celebrated worldwide on 11 February and is promoted by the INSAFE / INHOPE network with the support of the European Commission with the aim of promoting a safe and positive use of the technology.