UCJC is committed to sustainability and healthy lifestyle habits on its campus

University Camilo José Cela, in the framework of its commitment to sustainability, has hosted the UCJC Sustainable Mobility Day, a day in which the university has raised awareness among its the educational community on the need to care for the environment and the advantages of being a sustainable citizen.

University Camilo José Cela, has installed several charging points for electric vehicles at its Villafranca Campus as part of its sustainability and environmental policies. This is one of the initiatives that UCJC in particular, and SEK Education Group in general, have been taking for some time to support sustainability in all of their schools and university campuses.

Among the activities that have taken place during UCJC Sustainable Mobility Day, there were awareness raising initiatives on the benefits of carsharing and on the Carpooling tool.

Another of the measures put in place at University Camilo José Cela several years ago to contribute to the attainment of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) was the installation of a heating system from a biomass thermal power plant and a network of pipes that distributes energy to all the buildings of the Villafranca Campus in an efficient and clean way.

Since the beginning of the 2019/2020 academic year, the SEK Group has decided to eliminate the use of non-reusable plastic at its facilities. To this end, among other measures, SEK has distributed a glass bottle to each of its employees (both administration and services staff and teachers), so that no one needs to use a disposable plastic cup to drink water.

University Camilo José Cela also promotes healthy living habits among its employees and teaching staff through programmes like Yo entreno en CAFYD. The initiative consists of offering a free personal sports coach for all teaching and research staff, as well as administration and services staff. Designed by the students on the Degree in Sports Science and Physical Activity, under the supervision of their tutors, it is an opportunity for them to put into practice the theoretical knowledge acquired in three of the subjects on their curriculum.