The Mi Cámara y Yo Telemadrid TV program features a report on the UCJC Master’s in Criminalistics

The Master’s Degree in Criminalistics at University Camilo José Cela featured recently on the Mi Cámara y Yo TV program. Telemadrid aired a report featuring a practical class on this master’s degree offered by UCJC, which in this case included the search for evidence at a crime scene and how these tests are subsequently processed in the lab.

The coordinator of the UCJC Master’s in Criminalistics, Michelle Cámara, and the students themselves, showed the Telemadrid reporter the process and answered all his questions about the master’s degree and the world of criminology.

This report (minute 44:15 of the video below) was part of a program dealing with ‘searchers’, people who make a living searching for things or who aim to make a career from searching from all kinds of objects or even people.