Laura Simón to Communications students: “Internet is the future”

The journalist Laura Simón (Antena 3) has explained to the students on the Degree in Communications about her day to day at the digital and multimedia department at Antena 3 Noticias. How to write a headline? How long should an informational video on social media be?

“Online viewers don’t pay attention to a video over 4 minutes long. And so you have to create attractive content for younger and impatient users to consume more content in less time”, Simón assured the first-year students of Communications. The journalist’s job is to act as a link between the content created on television in Espejo Público and what is uploaded to the program’s website and to

Students have learnt how important it is to take into account the most searched words to position well any content that is created on the Internet and communication strategies to provide content that is attractive to a new type of viewers, online viewers. They have also been able to see how viewing numbers are tracked in real time online thanks to the Chartbeat app.

The Degree in Communications includes visits to companies, workshops and sessions with professionals from year one to achieve UCJC’s high employability rates.