UCJC and Sanitas present their third book on sport and health

The University Camilo José Cela ‘Marqués de Samaranch’ Olympic Chair and Sanitas Hospitals have presented their new book part of their Sports and Health series. The third volume, entitled Cáncer y deporte, was released on 18 November and discusses how sport can benefit people suffering from chronic conditions such as cancer.

UCJC and Sanitas have previously published two other books, ‘Mujer y deporte. La salud como meta and Corazón y deporte. The former features how women can use sports to improve their physical condition and health throughout all stages of their lives. The latter, meanwhile, discusses how people can do sport after suffering from heart disease.

The purpose of these books is “to communicate to the general population and sports professionals on how to exercise, where to do it, when, with what professionals and the relationships that exist between the different specialisations,” says Juan Carlos Segovia, director of the Marqués de Samaranch Olympic Chair at UCJC.