Sonia Betancort, professor at UCJC, publishes a book about Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges

The professor of the School of Education and Health at University Camilo José Cela, Sonia Betancort, has published a book about the Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges with the collaboration of the University of Salamanca, where the book presentation took place.

The work also includes an unpublished 29-page document by Borges, which the UCJC professor found in Buenos Aires during the trip in which she carried out the research to prepare her doctoral thesis. This finding consists of some pages in which the Argentine author wrote down ideas and readings from the East that he included in some of his stories and essays, and that Betancort has included in his book in the form of a facsimile.

With the support of this unique material, Sonia Betancort argues that Borges is one of the most suggestive scholar of Oriental studies of the twentieth century. His research shows the vital, bibliographic and aesthetic itinerary that the author forged around the incorporation of oriental cultures in his work, a rather unattended facet and something misunderstood by critics. The researcher maintains, citing the Argentine writer, that the Orient “is not a museum piece” in the Borgean universe, but a living influence, a dynamic inspiration, which defines a good part of his thinking and writing.