UCJC presents a study on drones and communication at Mid Sweden University

Researchers from the INFO 3.0 research group at University Camilo José Cela have presented a study on the use of drones for informational purposes in television companies in Spain at the Journalism from Above Congress, held in the city of Sundswall (Sweden).

The study, previously published in the prestigious journal El Profesional de la Información (featured in JCR and Scopus), was showcased and outlined in expanded form following a formal invitation from Mid Sweden University, where its authors, Jorge Gallardo, director of the Degree in Communications, and David Blanco, PhD student, appeared physically and virtually.

The invitation for the UCJC to take part was extended by Professor Jonas Harvard, who has shown interest in the unprecedented research generated among teachers on our campus. Researchers from around the world who have published on the use of drones in the field of journalism have been invited to take part, including the presence of teachers from the University of Leicester (United Kingdom) or the University of Utah (USA), among others. The UCJC INFO 3.0 research group stands out for focusing its area of study on new information technologies, audiences and television. The calibre of Spanish research has been showcased at the congress since it “reflects the opinion of all the media about the use of drones for journalistic purposes in the news programs”.