UCJC rewards the work of the companies where its students do work experience schemes in the Tutor Awards

University Camilo José Cela has celebrated its 4th Tutor Awards, in which the role of the tutors of the collaborating organisations, companies and administrations in the training of the students from UCJC during their work experience schemes.

The rector Emilio Lora-Tamayo opened the event with a welcome speech in which he congratulated all the winning companies. In addition, he stressed that universities should be very present in business, while encouraging the business sector itself to “Keep education in mind, well beyond corporate social responsibility

The event was hosted by Jorge Gallardo Camacho, director of degree in Communications at UCJC and deputy director of the Antena 3 current affairs program, Espejo Público. Gallardo presented a conference by Teresa Viejo, also a news professional and professor at UCJC, who emphasised “the importance of the university-students-company triangle”. The journalist asked companies to make a commitment to leadership based on curiosity, in the constant search for questions and answers that encourage creativity and confidence of the teams.

During the event, several prizes were awarded in the following categories:

  • Health Tutor Awards: Clínica San Vicente
  • Communications Tutor Awards Teatro Real
  • Humanities Tutor Awards: ADR Abogados
  • Education Tutor Awards: Ministry of Education of Castilla la Mancha.
  • Technology and Science Tutor Awards: Priority Freight

The Extraordinary Awards highlight the singularities in the company-UCJC collaboration:

  • Lifetime Award: Royal Spanish Tennis Federation
  • Social Commitment Award:Parques Reunidos
  • International Award: CNN
  • Projects Award: CK Bank

CNN thanked University Camilo José Cela for the award through a video message by Gabriela Frías, in which the journalist extolled the importance of helping young people to begin their professional careers and give them an opportunity to learn and develop their work experience in companies around the world.

The work experience schemes offer the possibility of introducing students to the job market and putting into practice the knowledge acquired during their studies and, in this way, getting to know different professions first-hand. Businesses are therefore able to train students in specific fields of activity, enabling them to embark on a career that is systematically organised from the start.