The Woman Forward Foundation presents UCJC with an award for its good Corporate Governance practices

The Woman Forward Foundation has decided to grant the Award to Gender Diversity and Governance to SEK Education Group and to University Camilo José Cela “for its promotion of good corporate governance as an educational value”, in an event that took place at the Italian Embassy in Madrid.

The Woman Forward Foundation, which works to boost value creation in organisations by promoting female talent through research, has rewarded people and organisations that are distinguished for creating value in gender diversity in the business and institutional world, including the Government of Italy, the Secretary of State for Digital Advancement, Mahou-San Miguel, Red Eléctrica de España, Mediaset, Atlético de Madrid, CEOE or the European Parliament.

The award was picked up by Emilio Lora-Tamayo, rector of University Camilo José Cela. For both SEK Education Group and UCJC generating continuous improvement processes in their corporate governance system is a major priority, incorporating the most demanding practices that guarantee excellence in their organisations.

The president of SEK Education Group, Nieves Segovia, took the opportunity to send a video message of thanks to the panel of judges and the winners, in which she stated that “responsibility and good governance in teaching implies knowing what you are and what you are there for, and means applying norms, values and habits that engage the entire organisation in transparency and collaboration ”.

Following which, Lora-Tamayo said in his acceptance speech that “universities should always foster their students’ intellectual discovery and should be steadfast in the conviction that education is a transformative principle for men and women on equal terms”. He added that at University Camilo José Cela “we will continue to prepare our young people as future professionals who contribute to a better society, without ever losing focus on diversity, nor on civic and human values.”

University Camilo José Cela has regulations aimed at increasing quality standards above those required by legislation, which include “Good Practice Guides” and internal regulations that are mandatory for its entire educational community. In this sense, UCJC has recently created a Standing Committee on Academic Integrity, consisting of experts from outside the University.

Working towards the elimination of stereotypes and bias, especially that may affect the choice of studies and professions, teaching or management of schools is also one of the priorities of UCJC. In addition, it highlights its strong commitment to working for the recognition and support of all the millions of women who devote their lives to education, research and innovation, giving them greater visibility so that they become examples for their students.

The UCJC will celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2020, and among the initiatives planned to celebrate it is a cycle of conferences and panels focused on giving visibility and public recognition to the decisive role of women in the different key sectors of the major transformation in which our society is immersed.