Our students participate in the Annual Conference of the European Society of Criminology in Ghent

Teachers and students of the UCJC Department of Criminology and Security took part once more this year in the Annual Conference of the European Society of Criminology, from 18 to 21 September, in Ghent (Belgium). These students are members of the Criminology and Security Student Research Group (GEICS) at UCJC: two students from Degree in Criminology and two former students.

The first panel they took part in was entitled Criminological implications of animal abuse and animal protection from a comparative perspective, moderated by Dr Ana María Peligero Molina and made up of four presentations:

– Animal abuse from a comparative perspective in Portugal and Spain. Dr Carmen Jordá Sanz (UCJC), Dr Vera Mónica Silva Duarte (ISMAI) and Catarina Vieira Cardoso (ISMAI)

– Animal abuse in Venezuela: regulation, limitations and experiences. Professor Michelle Madeline Mora Camera (UCJC)

– Animal protection and social control: prevention of animal abuse. GEICS Speaker: Marta Gómez Hernández (UCJC)

– Animal abuse in Spanish Law. Comparative of international law. Veronica Briseida Battle Centenera (UCJC)

The presentation was given by Yago Blanco García (GEICS-UCJC) on the panel entitled Social control and criminal justice. His presentation was entitled The observers of violence: a key for prevention. This presentation outlined part of the research carried out by GEICS over the past year.

Lastly, Angel Sánchez González presented the initial findings from his research with Lara Bermejo López and Dr Carmen Jordá Sanz on the panel entitled Perspectives on security research. His presentation was called A study in Madrid: open data and local security.

The GEICS was created in 2017. The research carried out uses a participative method to prevent violence through the design and implementation of prevention activities. These activities are especially aimed at observers of violent situations to sensitise and raise awareness of their role. GEICS analyses and evaluates the impact of its own interventions for the design of new activities for violence prevention.