University Camilo José Cela hosts a talk on Inclusive Education in Spain

The talk entitled “The Reality of Inclusive Education in Spain”, organised by the Magisterio newspaper and University Camilo José Cela, was held at UCJC Almagro Campus.

The talk covered some of the most critical points concerning Special Education in Spain. The debate focused on the results of the report by the UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

The event featured participation by the main platforms and social agents in involved in Inclusive Education in Spain: ONCE Foundation (represented by Isabel Martínez, director of Programmes with Universities and Talent Development), Inclusiva SÍ, Especial También (with his spokesman, Luis Rojo), Spanish Confederation of Teaching Centres, CECE (Alfonso Aguiló, the president), Elena Martin, professor of Educational Psychology at the Autonomous University of Madrid, and Amparo Valcarce, former secretary of state for Social Services, Families and Disability and Director of Recruitment and Military Education in the Ministry of Defence.