University Camilo José Cela embarks on a new chapter with the Rector Emilio Lora-Tamayo

Emilio Lora-Tamayo, the new Rector of University Camilo José Cela, has started his first working day at the head of UCJC with a tour of the Villafranca Campus, in which he has had the opportunity to exchange his first impressions with the teaching team and greet the professionals who work there.

The new Rector, accompanied by José Luis Delso, Vice President of SEK Education Group, and part of his team of deputy rectors, among others, expressed his satisfaction at seeing for himself spaces such as the LearningLab, DesignLab, Open Space, UCJC Sports Club and the lecture theatres where students will learn with a “robust value model that fosters continuous and ongoing learning”.

In the words of the Rector himself, “with a renewed teaching method that regards talent and entrepreneurial spirit as the most valuable asset in this new global scenario in which we all have to compete”.