UCJC offers a Data Science Bootcamp to prepare future data analysts

University Camilo José Cela will begin teaching, as of next 21 October, the Data Science Bootcamp, a university expert course with a duration of twelve weeks to train future data analysts. This profession is one of the most in demand by large companies such as Google, Amazon or Netflix, which rely on data science to make strategic decisions and become increasingly profitable.

This university expert course gives its students the knowledge and skills necessary to access and recover data and subsequently go on to organise that information and transform it into numbers (Feature Engineering) and learn how to master the intelligence area that is able to understand the data (Machine Learning and Deep Learning).

Businesses increasingly need to access large data sets and use cutting-edge analysis techniques to accelerate the pace of research and development in disciplines such as health sciences, technological development, sports or the environment, among others.

University Camilo José Cela, committed to transmitting knowledge of the future today, embarks on a path to introducing its students the business of data science, in an effort to “launch projects that contribute to generating jobs and a strategic plan for the immediate future and in which attention will also be devoted to the long term future of higher education, with special emphasis on the so-called mega-trends”, as Emilio Lora-Tamayo announced during the act of taking office as Rector of UCJC.