Jorge Gallardo warns how companies use our mobile data in an article in ‘The Conversation’

The University Camilo José Cela professor, Jorge Gallardo, has written an article for The Conversation, in which he explains how companies use our mobile data they have access to through apps we install on our phones.

These companies can know, as Gallardo says, “our location, if we are on the move, how much battery we have left, if we are alone, what we talk about and the age and price of our terminal”. In this way, our big data can be used by companies to send us tailored ads, depending on the products we buy online through our mobiles.

Several users have already reported, through social media, this practice by large multinationals, claiming that they infringe their right to privacy. Even so, as Jorge Gallardo states, “advertising will continue to exist, and it is not necessarily bad for companies to use our data so we receive relevant or personalised ads. Of course, they must respect our privacy and ensure that this information cannot be used by third parties.”

The UCJC professor ends the article by saying that our mobiles say a lot about our willingness to spend. “Are we prepared for a society with personalised prices in all sectors? Time will tell,” concludes Gallardo.