Jorge Gallardo discusses why Netflix broadcasts hit series in summer in ‘The Conversation’

The professor and co-director of the International Degree in Communications at University Camilo José Cela, Jorge Gallardo, has written an article for the platform ‘The Conversation’ – republished by media outlets such as El País, Diario As, Cadena SER, Huffington Post or El Periódico, among others – in which he analyses the reasons why Netflix broadcasts “blockbusters” (their most popular series) during the summer, a period in which less television is usually watched than the rest of the year.

There are several reasons for Netflix to broadcast highly successful series such as Stranger Things or Money Heist in summer. By doing this they prevent users from unsubscribing during the summer months, fleeing to other payment platforms, such as HBO, and they also obtain top ratings for a few months in which the television audience falls by almost 25% – the average television consumption in summer is 173 minutes, while the rest of the year is approximately 225 minutes.

Another benefit that Netflix offers compared to its competitors, as Jorge Gallardo mentions in his article, is that it allows viewing from abroad (it is the only platform that can be accessed from outside the European Union with the Spanish credentials).

Gallardo ends up arguing that traditional television still has its place for modern audiences, since they still derive pleasure from being a passive spectator. “We don’t always want to interact or have to choose what we are going to see. The pleasure of seeing what they put on you continues to attract millions of people,” says the UCJC professor.

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