University Camilo José Cela and the College of Civil Engineers agree to teach a master’s degree in BIM Methodology

University Camilo José Cela and the College of Civil Engineers of Madrid have signed a collaboration agreement to teach a master’s degree in BIM Methodology, which will be available as of the coming 2019/2020 academic year. The BIM Methodology (acronym for Building Information Modelling) is a procedure or collaborative work method for the creation and management of construction projects. Its main objective is to centralise all the information of a project to use and produce a unique digital information model, created through the collaboration of all its agents and disciplines.

This technology involves the evolution of traditional design systems based on 2D plans, since it incorporates geometric (3D), time (4D), cost (5D), environmental (6D) and maintenance (7D) information. The use of BIM Methodology provides many short-term benefits, among which are the obtaining of a single data model from which all the information is shared, the integration of a large number of disciplines, the continuous improvement in work processes, the detection and solution of interferences between disciplines, calculation of budgets and measurements with greater precision and, in addition, the possibility of obtaining modelling and 3D visualisation of any construction projects.

In the words of Juan Padilla, General Secretary of University Camilo José Cela, “this collaboration agreement will help all the engineers who need to learn to use BIM technology for their professional development, allowing them to obtain the necessary skills to carry out their work. In addition, we believe that it will be the first of many training actions that will benefit both UCJC and the College of Engineers as part of an enriching collaboration. ”

Dolores Ortiz, Dean of the College of Civil Engineers of Madrid, pointed out that “this agreement is a seal of quality for the master’s degree in BIM Methodology taught at the Madrid College of Engineers and, in terms of the curriculum vitae of the students who are currently studying it, it confers an essential university seal of approval.”

This collaboration confirms, once again, the innovative and cutting-edge nature of University Camilo José Cela, which on this occasion joins its resources with the College of Civil Engineers of Madrid to offer expertise in the use of BIM Methodology and thus respond to the demand for engineers with these skills. Both institutions will contribute with this training proposal to providing professionals with greater know-how and skills in the future of construction.  In addition to providing students with the most advanced knowledge of a procedure that has been implemented, progressively in recent years, in several countries in Europe, America, Asia, Oceania and Africa, and which is currently leading to a revolution in the field of architecture.

This type of agreements are part of a range of UCJC initiatives that bolster the process of interaction demanded by today’s society, which includes the generation and transfer of knowledge; the training and new skills for students and the technological tools necessary to encourage and promote creation, innovation and entrepreneurship.