UCJC participates in a project to acclimatise Spanish athletes to the extreme conditions of the Doha World Cup

University Camilo José Cela is taking part in a project to acclimatise the race walkers and marathoners of the Spanish team to the weather conditions they will have in the World Cup to be held in Doha, Qatar, in the coming month of September.

Beatriz Lara, professor at UCJC, is taking part in the project with the measurement of electrolytes during the exercise in the climatic chamber. Several Spanish and international universities are participating together with the Spanish Athletics Federation and the CIMA (Aerospace Medicine Training Centre) in this project, coordinated by the Public University of the Basque Country.

The goal is to see how Spanish athletes respond in training to the environmental conditions of the city of Doha, which by that date will have an average temperature of 40 degrees and 40% humidity, that is, a feel of approximately 50 degrees.

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