SEK Education Group and Golf Santander join forces to create a top-level sports-education programme

SEK Education Group, through its SEK International Sports Academy, and Golf Santander at Santander HQ (Boadilla del Monte), have signed a collaboration agreement to ensure the best comprehensive sporting and academic instruction for young golfers and in particular their all-round personal development.

This programme rest on two key pillars. The educational pillar is led by IESEK and its International Sports Academy, an initiative aimed at students who seek to train as high-performance athletes combining academic excellence and personal training in values. And of course a sporting pillar, under the responsibility of Golf Santander, focussing on three main areas: performance, training and talent detection.

Through this agreement, students between Primary year 4 and and Baccalaureate year 2 are afforded the quality guarantees offered by these two leading institutions in the educational and sports fields. Thanks to the SEK International Sports Academy, students are ensured the best academic experiences and the advice and continuous support from lecturers and experts from the University Camilo José Cela School of Health and Education in key areas such as medicine and physiotherapy, psychological support and time management.

Golf Santander offers the added value of its top-level sports programmes, held at the Santander Group HQ golf course in Boadilla del Monte. The course, designed by Rees Jones, has 18 competition holes, a Taylormade Performance Lab unique in Spain and the first Jim Mclean golf school in Europe. In addition, this space has a short play area designed by Severiano Ballesteros and cutting-edge technology (bays designed by Jim Mclean, V1, Trackman, Capto, Bodytrack…) All led by its head instructor Angel Matallana.