University Camilo José Cela at the 4th Spanish Maritime Conference

The 4th NATIONAL MARITIME CONGRESS was held at the Higher Technical School of Naval Engineers of Madrid (Polytechnic University of Madrid) on 8 and 9 May and organised by the Royal Spanish Naval League and the Clúster Marítimo, with the participation of University Camilo José Cela as a collaborating entity, as well as the Director of the Chair in Maritime Studies, Francisco Javier Aragón Cánovas. Álvaro Rodríguez Dapena, Director of Planning and Development of State Ports moderated the panel on “Cruises and Ferries: their impact on the economy and the environment” including the participation of Guillermo Amann Aldeco, Deputy to the President of ORMAZABAL – Grupo Velatia; and Adolfo Utor, President of the Baleària Group.

The event was opened by the Navy Chief of Staff, Admiral Teodoro López Calderón; the President of the Royal Spanish Naval League (RLNE), Juan Díaz Cano; the President of Asociación de Naveieros Españoles (ANAVE) Alejandro Aznar; the Director of the Technical School of Naval Engineers of Madrid, Luis Ramón Núñez Rivas; and the Vice Chancellor of the Polytechnic University of Madrid, Guillermo Cisneros Pérez.

At the convention, different discussion groups were also held on the Spanish Navy in the 21st Century, the Spanish Merchant Navy in the 21st century, Spanish shipyards, ports, R&D in the Spanish maritime sector, sports sailing, the 5th Centenary of the World Race, the fishing sector, mediation and arbitration in maritime transport, clean seas, alternative marine energies, the reality and challenges of the Spanish merchant navy and financing of the sector. These panel discussions featured different speakers from the public, private, associative, insurance, legal and national and foreign expert sectors.

Following a talk and a Q&A session by keynote speakers, the closing address was given by the President of the Spanish Royal Naval League and the honorary president of the Clúster Marítimo, Federico Esteve Jaquotot.