Digital Arts and Design and Video Game Development and Design at UCJC, among the top 10 most innovative degrees in Spain according to El Español

The Degree in Digital Arts from University Camilo José Cela is the second most innovative degree in the Spanish educational system and the Degree in Video Games Design and Development the seventh. This was the conclusion reached by the digital newspaper El Español, according to the  ranking published listing the 10 most innovative degrees in Spain.

The news website carried out an in-depth study of 82 universities and has selected the ten degrees that offer a greater degree of innovation to their students and that therefore lead to new job opportunities in an increasingly competitive and uncertain job market. El Español notes that the degree in Digital Arts from University Camilo José Cela “offers a unique three-year syllabus aimed at meeting the high demand for creators and technological artists in graphic design in the advertising industry. It combines the best education in conceptual artistic-creative processes and an all-round knowledge of technology tools applied to the digital creation process.

The degree in Video Game Design and Development has attracted the attention of the examiners of El Español for offering a syllabus in which students “Develop all their capabilities related to the design and development of video games: creation, design, development, programming, marketing and publication of games.”

Innovation is one of the three pillars with which University Camilo José Cela is leading the renovation of the Spanish educational system together with the interdisciplinarity and internationalisation. These three elements, together with a strong social commitment and a firm commitment to offering academic and life experiences of added value to all students, make up the core of the University’s offer.