University Camilo José Cela featured in the media during the election campaign

Several experts from University Camilo José Cela have made appearances in the media during the days prior to the general election. Both on television and in the written press, they have offered their opinion and analysis regarding all party candidates and on the possible options for forming a government that currently exist.

The professors of the CIGMAP (International Centre for Governance and Political Marketing) at UCJC have featured heavily in the media in recent weeks. Pedro Marfil, professor of the Degree in Communications, has participated in an in-depth analysis on Spanish Television of the main candidates opting to be Spanish PM.

Eduardo González Vega, professor of the Degree in Protocol and Event Organisation, appeared in media channels such as Voz PopuliLa Razón and Cadena SER, analysing the discourse of candidates to Spanish PM and their performances in televised electoral debates of recent days.

Meanwhile, Jorge Santiago Barnés, director of the CIGMAP and dean of the UCJC School of Communications and Humanities, has analysed the style of each candidate and unveiled all the secrets of the election campaign on Antena 3, in addition to analysing RTVE’s televised debate.