UCJC on the cover of The Conversation with an analysis by Ana Valtierra of the Nôtre Dame fire

The professor of the Degree in Early Childhood and Primary Education at University Camilo José Cela, Ana Valtierra Lacalle, discussed the damage suffered by Paris’s Notre Dame Cathedral following the fire of 15 April in an article for The Conversation: The fire destroyed a large part of its structure and the vast majority of objects and works of art contained in the emblematic building.

Valtierra outlines the state of the most historic parts of the cathedral, such as the spire. “One of the most striking images of the Nôtre Dame fire was of the spire crumbling“, says the UCJC professor, who also discusses the damage to other elements, such as roofs, vaults, stained glass windows or paintings.

Ana Valtierra concludes her article saying that “our generation will have to apologise, one and a thousand times, to those who come after us for not knowing how to preserve what our history bequeathed us for safekeeping”. Notre Dame, a cathedral that, as Valtierra admits, “is a symbol of Western culture that transcends beyond Christianity and French nationalism”.