Students go on their international stays to Israel, China and the United States

The students on the UCJC international degrees are currently enjoying academic and personal experiences that will leave a life-long impression on them on their international stays or the Study Abroad programmes. Specifically, groups of students have travelled to Tel Aviv (Israel), Boston (USA) and Shanghai (China).

With the aim of preparing students to face a reality in constant change, University Camilo José Cela is committed to experiences that go beyond the European continent, leading students to question their own beliefs and prejudices. Therefore, it takes them on stays in China, India, Israel and the USA, countries that are called to lead the world that is coming. With these experiences, according to Eva Cano, Director of International Partnerships at UCJC , “students interact in an ecosystem in which they are exposed to different ways of thinking and communicating”.

Students visiting Tel Aviv have been able to visit the Google Startup Campus and the Museum of the Holocaust, sharing experiences with Arab and Jewish youth at Hadassah College .

Meanwhile, the students who are in Shanghai have met the Economic and Commercial Adviser of Spain in China, Alfonso Noruega, who showed them the technological and business reality of the country.

The group of students who are visiting Boston have attended the sessions on leadership and entrepreneurship at the Cambridge Innovation Centre and have shared a stay with Nieves Segovia and José Luis Delso, President and Vice-president, respectively, of SEK Education Group.

According to Joanne Mampaso, Vice Rector of Design and Academic Management, “our academic model is based on designing different curricular experiences. The concept of internationalisation runs through our syllabus and we choose specific subjects that work on a global approach and decide which subjects will be taught in English”.