Professor Ruth Castillo, expert in emotional intelligence, on BBVA’s ‘Aprendemos juntos’ programme

The professor from the University Camilo José Cela School of Education and Health, Ruth Castillo, psychologist and emotional intelligence expert, has given a talk to parents, students and teachers in Tenerife as part of the BBVA ‘Let’s learn together’ initiative. With these talks, the bank aims to provide young people with tools so they can acquire new skills and thus develop their full potential.

On this occasion, Ruth Castillo took part in a talk in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, seventh city hosting the programme, with the attendance of over 80 leaders in education from Tenerife. The meeting addressed how schools can help children and young people manage their emotions.

Ruth Castillo has over ten years’ experience in teaching aimed at groups such as business organisations or schools. She is responsible for the RULE Method at Yale University.