An article on international experiences by Samuel Martín-Barbero, published in The Conversation France

The article “The Grand Tour of the 21st Century: beyond Erasmus”, written by the Rector of University Camilo José Cela, has been published on the scientific dissemination platform in FranceIt is the first time that UCJC has managed to publish one of its articles from The Conversation Spain in another country.

Martín-Barbero reflects in his article on university stays in Europe and those he considers more necessary, those that take place further afield, to countries such as China, Russia, Japan, Israel, India, Indonesia, South Africa, Mexico or Brazil. Countries that will shape the world in the future and that challenge the visitor to experience cultures, principles and values different from those that are taken for granted on our continent.

As part of its education model, University Camilo José Cela prepares its students to develop their talent and accompanies them throughout the process, offering them unique, different and global learning experiences. Therefore, it has lent its degree syllabuses a strong international vocation.