UCJC inaugurates its ‘Cycle for Europe’ with a tribute to José Antonio Jáuregui

University Camilo José Cela has today celebrated a tribute to the Professor and Jean Monnet Chair from our university, José Antonio Jáuregui, who died in 2005. Homage was paid to his life’s work at the inauguration of the ‘Cycle for Europe’, with the attendance of Íñigo Méndez de Vigo, former Minister of Education, Culture and Sports, and Ramón Tamames, economist.

José Antonio Jáuregui was an anthropologist and thinker known for his theories on human behaviour, he set down in a range of books, articles and television series.

Colleagues and friends gathered at the UCJC Almagro building to remember him and took part in a chat with Méndez de Vigo and Tamames. The Rector of University Camilo José Cela, Samuel Martín-Barbero, said in his address that “universities are part of the European identity. UCJC should support and foster democratic and social humanism. This concept is based on the idea that we should be a centre of the renovation of higher education from Spain to Europe and from Europe to the world”.

“Humanism must be projected towards the future and towards the young university generations that identify with social causes and that are not rooted in countries or any institution,” Martín-Barbero has said.