The UK Ambassador shares his views on the challenges facing universities and Brexit at UCJC

The United Kingdom ambassador to Spain, Simon Manley, today shared his views on the future challenges facing universities alongside the Rector of University Camilo José Cela, Samuel Martín-Barbero. Manley gave a talk on “Brexit and its resolution”, in which he reflected on the mutual influence between politics and economy.

As part of his speech, Simon Manley has answered several questions on Brexit and its implications. Human capital and education, the consequences for international geopolitics and the global economy, or the impact on sectors as diverse as transport, logistics or tourism, have centred a frank and constructive conversation on the possible future scenarios brought about by Brexit.

Organised as a ‘brown bag lunch meeting’, the presentation by the Ambassador of the United Kingdom has brought together professionals, researchers and doctors from the UCJC International Doctoral School, and is part of the series of seminars entitled “New International Trade Scenario. How it affects the Spanish Economy” organised by Pedro Schwartz and Juan R. Cuadrado Roura and that will continue in the coming months. Former Minister Josep Piqué opened this series of sessions in February.