Francisco López Rupérez, Director of the UCJC Chair on Educational Policies, receives the Grand Cross of Alfonso X ‘the Wise’

The Minister of Education and Vocational Training, Isabel Celaá, has presented the Grand Cross of Alfonso X ‘the Wise’ to Francisco López Rupérez, Director of the Chair on Educational Policies of University Camilo José Cela and former chair of the State School Board.

Celaá highlighted in her speech the figure of Francisco López Rupérez and his merits for receiving the highest distinction in the field of education in Spain: “He has been chair of the State School Board and of the Madrid Region, and has also held positions of responsibility in the Madrid Regional Ministry of Education and in this ministry.

His many institutional responsibilities have not prevented him from being the author of a good number of books and a hundred publications in specialised Spanish and foreign journals, which have made him a key figure in the world of education. Due to this intense and fruitful career and for the unanimous acclaim received as chair of the State School Board between 2012 and 2016, we have granted him admission to the Order in the category of the Grand Cross”.  

University Camilo José Cela congratulates Francisco López Rupérez for this award, fruit of his extraordinary work at the head of the Chair of Educational Policies of the UCJC. His latest work, Scientific education in the Autonomous Regions. Knowledge and skills in the light of PISA 2015, has had a wide social and media impact. This way he squarely placed a topic that represents one of the greatest challenges of the Spanish educational system in the centre of the debate, the gap in scientific vocations between boys and girls, while at the same time proposing a battery of measures to tackle it.

In addition to this award, Celaá presented the Grand Cross to the former Secretary of State for Education Álvaro Marchesi, and decorated 15 other personalities and entities, such as Pilar Benejam i Arguimbau, Teresa Codina i Mir, José María Hernando Huelmo, Ramón González Mancha, Jorge Sáinz González and Ángel de Miguel Casas, who have received the Commendation with the order’s plaque.

Felipe Segovia Olmo, founder of  SEK Education Group (University Camilo José Cela and SEK International Schools) also received the Grand Cross of Alfonso X ‘the Wise’ posthumously, for “his unconditional dedication to teaching and educating young people, to the creation of cutting-edge teaching centres and to the improvement and innovation of the Spanish educational system, for more than half a century”.

The Director of the Chair of Educational Policies, Francisco López Rupérez , holds a PhD in Physical Sciences – cum laude – from the Complutense University of Madrid and is Professor at the Institute. Throughout his professional life he has combined reflection in the academic field with action in public institutions. Author of a dozen books and a hundred publications in Spanish and foreign specialized magazines, has been General Director of Educational Centres of the Ministry of Education and Culture, General Secretary of Education and Vocational Training of said Ministry and Madrid Regional Deputy Minister for Education. He has held the post of Education Counsellor in the Spanish Permanent Delegations before the OECD and UNESCO, based in Paris. He has also been President of the School Council of the Region of Madrid and President of the State School Board. Among his publications on educational policies, the following books are worth mentioning: La gestión de calidad en educación. (Ed. la Muralla, 1994); La libertad de elección en educación (FAES, 1995); Preparar el futuro. La educación ante los desafíos de la globalización. (Ed. La Muralla, 2001); El legado de la LOGSE. (Ed. Gota a gota, 2006) y Fortalecer la profesión docente. Un desafío crucial. (Narcea Ediciones, 2014). He winner of the National Award for Innovation and Educational Research.