López Rupérez: “A good education in science leads to more mature citizens”

The director of the University Camilo José Cela Chair on Educational Policies , Francisco López Rupérez, took part in the CyLTV Horizon Forum on Education, held in Zamora, an event held to mark the channel’s anniversary.

In his address, he highlighted one of the challenges and opportunities of the education sector the need to increase STEM vocations – science, technology, engineering and mathematics – as well as reducing the gender gap and promoting the learning of these subjects among women. In Castilla y León only 4% of the scarce 16% of students who want to focus their career in these fields are women.

In his opinion, these are the areas most tied to the development of the future 21st century society. “We are already immersed in the fourth industrial revolution, a technological revolution, which concerns the physical, biological and digital systems and the interrelations between them,” he said. He outlined the status of the sciences in Castilla y León in top place in the rankings of autonomous regions compared to scoring lower than the national average in STEM vocations. “A good education in science leads to more mature citizens”, concluded López Rupérez.

The event, broadcast on La 7 next Tuesday, 19 February at 21:30, also featured José María de Moya, editor-in-chief at the journal Magisterio; María Dolores Alonso-Cortés , vicerector of Institutional Relations at Universidad de León; and Evangelina Álvarez de Eulate , honorary teacher-collaborator of the Minister of Education.

The event, hosted by Manuel Torres, deputy editor of RTVCyL News, was sponsored by BBVA and Renault. This is the tenth and last CyLTV Horizon Forum that the regional television channel has held across the autonomous region.