UCJC launches collaboration with ‘The Conversation’ scientific platform

University Camilo José Cela has joined the knowledge dissemination platform The Conversation , an independent digital channel that promotes the analysis of current affairs through articles written by university professors and experts with the aim of being a source of quality articles for the media.

The Conversation serves as a channel to disseminate the results of the research carried out at UCJC, thus becoming part of blend of platforms used to give voice to researchers and lecturers from the UCJC International Doctoral School.

The Conversation, which aspires to be the leading global network of knowledge dissemination, was born in 2011 in Australia with 37 universities (including Melbourne and Sydney), and currently has a UK edition with 62 universities (with Oxford and Cambridge), a US edition with 21 universities (such as UCLA, Michigan and Boston) and Africa, France and Global editions.

The platform is free and freely accessible and has 36,000 authors from 1,990 academic and scientific institutions around the world.